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‘Disingenuous’: US Practices Nuke Strikes on North Korea While Talking of Peace

03:25 17.05.2018 Citing joint military drills being carried out by South Korea and the US, North Korea on Tuesday released a statement threatening to cancel its June talks with the US if provocations continue. The statement released by North Korean state media KCNA said the ongoing Max Thunder military drill targets North Korea and as such "is a flagrant challenge to the Panmunjom Declaration and an intentional military provocation running counter to the positive political development on the Korean Peninsula."

These war games, Max Thunder, completely violate the spirit of this and North Korea is simply being consistent and stating that… the United States is presenting these very provocative war exercises as business as usual," she said, before adding "there has to be some kind of good faith gesture on the part of the United States and some kind of fortitude on the part of South Korea in actually making the process of this peace tangible."

Fellow guest Hyun Lee, a member of the Solidarity Committee for Democracy and Peace in Korea, noted that the US has wasted no time in violating the Panmunjom Declaration by conducting the exercises.

"It's been less than a month since the declaration was signed and they decide to carry out this exercise that's a two week exercise… involves 100 warplanes, including eight F-22 fighters and B-52 bombers that are designed to drop nuclear bombs," Lee said. " North Korea has taken major steps to ensure a successful summit between [US President Donald] Trump and [North Korean leader] Kim [Jong Un] — they released three US citizens, they're getting ready to dismantle their nuclear test site in Punggye-ri — and Washington pundits and US corporate media, they're always quick to say the North Korea should not be trusted."



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