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Filipina seniors prove how Canada provides jobs for elderly

Sherrie Ann Torres, ABS-CBN News Posted at Apr 06 2018 07:55 AM TORONTO, Canada -- Nimfa Balin of Pandacan, Manila has been living in Toronto since 1993. Rose Cruz of Taguig City, meanwhile, relocated to the "Land of Opportunity" as early as 1974. Both women – who are in their 60s – are working at a hotel in the capital of the province of Ontario.

Balin left the Philippines to ensure a better future for her family.

Fresh from moving overseas, Balin was diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

While undergoing operation, therapy, and treatment, she didn't have to worry about the expenses. It was an eye-opener for her.

Twenty-five years after, and with 5 grandchildren in tow, Balin doesn’t regret choosing Canada.

Both the Canadian government and employers value senior citizens are workers, an attitude, which she hoped to see in the Philippines, along with providing social security for all.

Cruz agreed and offered advice to those who are planning to work in Canada.

"Do not be picky" when looking for jobs and set aside pride and ego, she said.

Filipinos should also avoid becoming illegal immigrants or TNT (tago ng tago), since the government encourages migrants as long as they are qualified, they said.

Success and stability will await the hardworking and patient ones, they said.



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