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Typhoon Ondoy Commemoration

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the typhoon that inundated Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon causing casualties and havoc.

Ondoy was not classified as a super typhoon, but it heavily poured torrential amounts of rain incessantly for several hours. Within that short period, floodwaters rose with alarming speed reaching up to the second floor of houses in several areas. People had to be rescued from rooftops and had to evacuate. All lifelines were down. Infrastructures were severely affected. The cost of damage reached a hundred million dollars. These scenarios give us a common picture of the wrath of Ondoy that paralyzed Metro Manila.


The typhoon season is not yet over, and a strong weather disturbance is always possible. The effects of Typhoon Ondoy became an eye-opener to the importance of disaster awareness and education. This commemoration should also spur our government to further improve disaster preparedness, response and recovery programs. 

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