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An Encounter to Remember

by Sr. Saveria Jeganathan, icm

Several months after the election of Pope Francis, ICM General Superior Saveria Jeganathan had the privilege of meeting the Pope in a private mass in the chapel of Sta. Martha's.  Here is her reflection on that experience.


On February 2 2014, on the occasion of the Feast of Consecrated Life, Pope Francis in his homily talked about Encountering. 

This word captured my attention because we encounter so many persons and situations in our life.  Some make a tremendous impact and leave a mark in the depth of our hearts.   

Moses encountered God at the burning bush.  From an ordinary shepherd he became a messenger of God that would eventually lead his people out of slavery.

Peter at Mount Tabor had such a profound experience in witnessing a transfigured Christ .  He wished to remain in that state forever.  Paul’s encounter with the Risen Lord made a turning point in his life.  From a persecutor, he became Jesus’ messenger to many peoples. 

In a similar manner, December 2, 2013, was a very memorable day in my life.  I was given the privilege to participate in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist celebrated by our Pope Francis at St. Martha’s  hotel  chapel.  It had a deep impact in my life.  

I encountered a man who has such a great position and yet was so simple.  It was such a powerful  experience.  The mass was prayerful and being there was a profound experience.   There was a deep moment of silent encounter when, after the mass, our Pope sat among us and prayed for 10 minutes in silence.  It was a moment of union with the  universal Church. 

Then  he went out of the chapel and met each person who participated in the mass.  There was no rushing or being conscious of the time as he met each one.  He gave time for every one.  Though the encounter may be brief with but a few words exchanged, there was a  profound message in every word he spoke.  

In such an encounter one cannot but be transformed!  May all our encounters be as blessed!

by Sr. Saveria Jeganathan, ICM

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