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Christmas 2014

What would be Christmas without a Nativity scene?  St. Francis of Assisi created the first nativity or manger scene in Greccio, Italy, in 1223.  Then, as now, it is a reminder that Christ is the center of every Christmas celebration rather than secular materialism. 

This year we visit eleven churches and basilicas around Rome to pray and admire the different nativity scenes (precepe or presepe in Italian) as we pray:


The Divine Child lived

in the womb of the cosmos

for billions of years,

waiting to be born from Mary’s womb.


His birth opened us

to the reality of our nature

as His sisters and brothers,

co-heirs of the new creation,

true children of earth,

stardust from God’s breath.


Consecrated and blessed,

may we not just await,

not only welcome,

but may our lives manifest again in our time

the incarnation of the Divine,

as we become what we experienced in Jesus,

those that walk in love,

stand for justice

and live-as-one with all.


We wish you a joy-filled Christmas and a peaceful 

New Year 2015!




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