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Peace Initiatives Mariam Manzil

by Sr. Salomy, icm

PEACE INITIATIVES, MARIAM MANZIL, was initiated in the year 2012 for the purpose of fostering communal harmony between Christians, Muslims and Hindus.  The ICM sisters had been living a "Dialogue of life” in the locality when the Peace Initiatives project was started.  The ICM sisters live in the midst of Muslims and Hindus.  On one side of the ICM convent are Muslim slums and on the other side of it are the Hindu slums.

The sisters gather children and women from both communities and provide various activities. They are the only Christians among the community.  They have programs on the occasion of the Hindu festival Holi and Muslim festivals as well like the Id, Mohram and Bakrit.  They also celebrate Christmas.  They develop rapport with the people through the programs with children and women instead of simply sitting and talking with the intellectuals of these religious communities.  They also work with the youth as well as with the leaders and elders of these religious communities. 

As Muslims and Hindus come to the ICM center, they become friends and start going to each other’s houses. So a good relationship is maintained among them.

The Peace Initiatives program is important because the area is thickly populated.  There are often fights between the Hindu and Muslim communities.  These two communities are brought together through health and education programs, skills training and community gatherings.  An area like this needs these kinds of initiatives to maintain and nurture peace and harmony among the people.

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