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A fitting poem for Advent by Sr. Rachel Oommen, icm

There is a God-given purpose in Life

Innate in every heart that beats in time,

Life is a journey in faith realizing the purpose,

A journey of hope in human/cosmic solidarity…

It is a journey of love-filled relationships,   

A journey of communion in community,                                   

A challengeful journey, unfolding a mystery

Made lighter in shared responsibility…

It’s a journey of search,

Creating a community of faith,

Evoking new life, joy and hope within,

Believing your efforts never ever go in vain

 Just keep on, trusting and moving…


Yes, like Mary of Nazareth set out in haste

Taking the initiative, 

crossing the boundaries within and without,

Seeking and reaching those on the periphery,

Encountering and generating sparks of life,

 Keeping the throb of life moving …

Open up like Elizabeth recognizing the blessedness in the other

Mutually re-charging the faith response from the womb of love,

‘Ushering’ life’s great purpose in the Magnificat

Our collective fulfillment of God’s dream for humanity.

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