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What We Hope to be for One Another

COMPASSIONATE PRESENCE is ... what we hope to be for one another


  is ...

what we hope to be for one another


We need one another to listen attentively,

respect written all over by our body language.

Somehow we learn how long to be bodily present

and when to go and take leave

taking care not to be judgmental

as we vigilantly become aware of our emerging self-response;

wanting to be the loving, patient, etc.

like 1 Corinthians 13 enumerates for us;

openly asking what the other wants/needs

instead of fixing these in my own mind


We would be surprised how different

the answers to these questions would be

from my own expectations!


 It is a challenge then to be accepting of what I didn’t expect,

to be at ease even with silence,

maintaining eye-contact to assure sincerity, caring confidence;

refraining from advice giving that easily comes to mind,

wanting to give a present of one’s pleasant gentle focus

on the present moment,

and not fast forwarding to the future

or backtracking to past experiences ...

Saying to one another without words:

‘Like me, you have known pain and suffering.

Like me, you have deep needs to fulfill;

like me, you have experienced deep peace ...’

knowing that all of us, starting from our breath,

are more alike than different! 


Teilhard de Chardin:

"Every inhalation that passes through me envelops me,

or captivates me, emanates without any doubt, from the heart of God."


 Elizabeth C. Gray:

We are “different than: (not better than)”:

"Serving" one another ... not like an object: helping, fixing ... instead,

Serving one another as experience of mystery, of awe, of gratitude!




Attitudes in developing the Compassionate Self:

1.    Being more accepting of self: Grateful/confident and relaxed with self

2.    Life problems are mysteries / not simply focused on instinctive denial 

/ refusal

3.    Interpersonal Interactions: become more present to their difference

4.    How I choose and work toward life goals: Harmony to a fault

Setbacks are ok ... less critical, acceptance of conflict

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