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Lord Open My Lips

ICM sisters are sent to peoples of different races and nationalities. Learning the language of a people is important in entering the lives of the people we are sent to. Learn some basic words and phrases from our ICM sisters and use them to meet friends and to praise the Lord. “Lord open my lips and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.” (Ps. 51)

The Bilingual Experience

Learn another language with the ICM sisters! “The bilingual experience improves the brain’s so-called executive function — a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems, and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.*

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Pidgin English

Pidgin English is broken and simplified English. It is widely spoken in Anglophone regions in Africa. When missionaries came to Africa, the education was too low and they could not understand each other. So they had translators who would translate from English to Local language. They could also understand later the English the missionaries spoke. Pidgin is very reflective of local languages. It is directly translated from local languages. It has its text. The Bible, The Lectionary and prayers are translated in Pidgin English.

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Lamnso Greetings

Lamnso is a vernacular in one tribe called Nso where the ICM Community in Kumbo is situated. They have their fondom and own culture. A Fondom is like kingdom. A Fon is the chief of the specific region where he rules and takes care of the people under his region or fondom. A Fon is therefore like the kings of local places. There are many fondoms in the Diocese of Kumbo in Cameroon.

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Haiti (pronounced ‘Heiti’) is a Caribbean country and occupies the island of Hispaniola along with the Dominican Republic. It is the poorest country in the Americas. It has a population of about 9,035,536 as of 2009. French and Haitian Creole are the official languages.

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